The establishment of the academic institution was in 1954. Ping-tungAgricultureVocational School founded Physical Education Health Section which lay directly under Office of Student Affairs.
Changed into a five-year Junior College in 1965 & Physical Education Health Section which lay directly under  Office of Student Affairs.
In 1986, Physical Education Health Section was divided into Physical Education Sports and Hygiene & Health Sections which both lay directly under Office of Student Affairs.
Physical Education Department was founded in 1994 and became responsible for the college’s PE and sports issues.
 Main Responsibilities
Organizing of the whole college’s Physical Education.
Promoting PE activities within the institute.
Developing the college’s own sports specialties.
Training programs for outstanding potential athletes.

 Future Developments & Prospects

Regarding to the increasing appreciation of the 21st century leisure and health prospects, we provide the following developing specialties:

Strengthen students’ training and learning towards the initial physical ability and sports skills.
Building up students’ accurate perceptions towards sports and common knowledge in safety.
Providing versatile PE courses so students could then develop lifelong sports skills and habits.
Helping to promote both the whole college’s and the society’s PE sports activities.
Realizing the complete health education both physically and mentally.
Promoting establishments of sport and health management related academic departments or courses in order to educate more such professionals.
 The Aim of Our Physical Education
The following goals are specially made in order to enhance the university’s PE functionality and develop students’necessary lifelong planning in terms of PE activities.
Developing students’ sports skills.
Keeping regular exercising habits.
Improving students’ physical endurance.
Recruiting more knowledge in PE sports.
Learning sports etiquettes and moral manners.


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