開放時間 Open Hour

01. 週一至週五 12:20 至 13:20;
    週一、週三及週五 17:30-19:00;19:00-20:30;
    週六下午 14:30-16:00;16:00-17:30。(結束前五分鐘清場)
02. 期中末考週、寒暑期間及國定假日暫停開放。
03. 開放時間如有臨時更動,以現場公佈為準。

開放對象 Fitness Center is open for

01. 本校運動代表隊、教職員工、學生。
02. 其他人士。

體適能費用說明 Sanitary and Maintenance Fee of Fitness Canter

本校學生憑學生證每次清潔維護費 30 元,教職員憑服務證每次清潔 50 元,非學生之其他人士每次收費 100 元。

健身房規定 Regulations

01. 健身房採用線上預約制,可預約三日內開放時段。凡預約未到 3 次者,則兩周內不得申請。
02. 為了維護會員使用權利,每人每次依時段至多限使用 1.5 小時,入場時請自備零錢及識別證件,未帶識別證件者依其他人士身份入場收費。
03. 為了維持健身房的使用順暢,每時段使用人數至多 40 人。
04. 使用者必須穿著適當運動服、運動鞋,並請攜帶毛巾,禁止赤腳、穿著拖鞋、涼鞋等不適 當服裝或上半身打赤膊者。
05. 使用者必須自行確保身體狀況良好,負責個人安全。
06. 活動前請先了解各項運動器材的使用方法,並做足暖身運動,減少個人傷害與器材損壞。
07. 使用重量訓練器材時,請輕放所持的重量鐵塊;使用完畢時,需將啞鈴、鐵片等歸回原位。
08. 重量訓練組與組間休息請起身,請勿長時間佔用機器,並與同好一起分享、輪流使用。
09. 使用器材後,請主動擦拭器材上留下的汗漬。
10. 本中心全面禁止飲食(礦泉水除外)。
11. 請尊重其他使用者,切勿喧嘩、高談闊論或干擾他人之行為。如個人在運動中所發聲、喊叫行為,以不影響他人為前提。
12. 請按正常程序使用各項器材,避免撞擊聲響,共同維護現場安全及設備。
13. 使用者請勿攜帶貴重物品,若有遺失情事發生,恕不負保管責任。
14. 使用者若不當使用致器材損害,應照價賠償(若使用前已發現器材損壞,請立即告知管理人員,以釐清責任)。
15. 如有未盡事宜,本室將另行公告之。

收費標準 Charges

Open Hour

01. Monday to Friday: 12:20~13:20;Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 17:30~20:30;Saturday: 14:30~17:30。
02. Fitness Center will be temporarily closed in the midterm/final exam week, winter/summer vacation, and national holidays.
03. If the open hour changes unexpectedly, an announcement will be made by the Fitness Center.

Fitness Center is open for

01. NPUST sports team members, NPUST faculties and administrative staffs, and NPUST students.
02. Others (Non NPUST users)

Sanitary and Maintenance Fee of Fitness Canter

NPUST student: 30NT/each time; NPUST faculty and administrative staff: 50NT/each time; and others: 100NT/each time
Note: Please show your identified certificate (e.g.: student ID) when you enter the fitness center.


01. To apply for the use of fitness center, please make a reservation online every time. The online reservation system is available three days
       prior to the date on which they would like to use the fitness center. Please be note that there is a penalty for missing a reservation. If users
       miss three reservations consecutively or inconsecutively, they will be banned from using for two weeks.
02. For the rights of each user, everyone can use the fitness center for no more than 1.5 hours. Please have your change ready and identified
       certificate or ID card when entering the gym. If a user forgets his/ her ID card, that user can still use
       the gym however they will have to pay the fee of a non NPUST user, which is $100NT.
03. For the flow sequence of using, the maximum of users is 40 people in the gym.
04. Please wear sports clothes and shoes and bring your own water and towel when entering. No bare foot, sandals or unsuitable clothing.
05. Every user must ensure his/ her health condition and be responsible for personal safety.
06. Make sure to understand the using methods for every facility and enough warm-up before starting in order to reduce personal and facility
07. When using weights please use lightly and return when finished.
08. Please take turns and share with others when using these facilities.
09. Please wipe out your sweat after using every facility.
10. No beverages are allowed except for bottles of water.
11. To respect other users, no making noises, talking in low volume and no interrupting behaviors.
12. Please use the facilities following the normal procedure to maintain personal safety and facility.
13. Please do not bring your valuables with you or keep on your own. If any loss occurred, it is not responsible for the damage.
14. If any damage for the facility from inappropriate usage, the user is responsible for the liability to pay compensation. Please tell the staff
       when finding facility damage before using.
15. Matters not mentioned herein, the PE office will notify later.